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Politics, World Events & Dreams

Transforming Politics Through Divine Grace

Is There a Place in Politics for Divine Grace?

Before you read this post, if you are even interested in doing so, I will help you to understand my perspective of this topic. First, I am not referring to anyone’s specific religion when I use the word divine. Although some attributes of one’s religion may contain elements of the divine, claiming to be religious does not mean you are aligned with the divine in a much more universal sense as described here. It has nothing to do with morality or judgment.

Politics in the 21st. Century

21st. Century Politics: The Struggle between Fear and Reason

Part One: Exploring the psychology of the “Far Right”.

In one of my previous posts (on the Face Book page Dream Awareness Network), I brought up the topics of fear, anger, and hatred in politics.  I think the recent Republican Political Party has been a shining example of these detrimental emotions. This is not to say that the Democratic Party is void of them. Only that the Republican leaders have been the shining stars in the politics of fear.

Two Valued Politics

 Language, Words and Thoughts;
A Journey from Beliefs to Action:
What it means to be liberal

By John W. Robinson
© July 18, 2004
Revised September 2012, and 
Oct. 31 2014.

I owe the evolution of the ideas presented in this article to a seed that was planted in my mind back in the late 70's when I first read the bookLanguage In Thought & Actionby S. I. Hayakawa. I heartily recommend reading this book to anyone who desires to understand their self and the language they use and the "news" they accept.

Politics, World Events & Dreams

In light of the Current World events in Politics and the Budget/debt process in the USA, I thought I would offer a view on such happenings as they were covered in a timeless Philosophy. The following in quotes is extracted from the stated sources and is as relevant today as it was nearly 50 years ago.
“It makes little difference whether you watch the news or not – but it makes all the difference in the world what youthinkof world events.
The perspective from which you watch world events is vital, and it is true that communication now brings to the conscious mind a far greater barrage than ever before.
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