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Are You Traveling In Your Dreams?

Are You Traveling In Your Dreams?

© John W. Robinson, Dream Awareness Network, October 20, 2016

At some time in your life, you may have heard of various topics related to traveling out-of-body in a “dream body”. Such topics as astral travel, astral projection, projection of consciousness, out-of-body-experiences; or maybe some other term used by the ancient explorers of the night has been discussed in your presence.

If we are to attain fullDream Awareness, we cannot ignore these experiences reported by countless dreamers throughout the ages.

Dreams Can Be A Writer's Best Friend

Dreams Can Be a Writer’s Best Friend

 As you can probably guess, this post from Dream Awareness Network will discuss how dreams have helped writers with their material; sometimes in great detail; sometimes with just a suggestion or impression.
    In a small and delightful little book titledPurple Fables (Quartet), by Ingo Swann, he shares  fantastic dream experiences he had in April 1993 that not only delivered the title of the book he was to write, but the outline of the quartets that would subsequently be delivered on four consecutive nights.

What About Nightmares?

What about Nightmares?

Whenever I meet someone for the first time the conversation often leads to the question, “What do you do?” I then explain that since I have retired from the corporate world), I facilitate Dream Awareness Workshops. There is usually some curiosity.

I often get one of the following responses:

  • “I don’t dream.” …or
  • “I don’t remember my dreams.” …or
  • “I keep having a reoccurring nightmare. What does that mean?” …or
  • “The other night I had this dream – so and so… - What does it mean?” …or

Jane Roberts - A Pioneer in Dream Work

Jane Roberts & Seth - Pioneers in Dream Work
I just re-read one of the first books by Jane Roberts,The Coming of Seththat was originally titledHow to Develop Your ESP Powers.  Published in 1966, the book takes the reader through the personal experiences of Jane Roberts and her husband Robert Butts as they conduct in depth research and experimentation into the dream world, telepathy, automatic writing, trance channeling and reincarnation among other topics related to psychic phenomenon.
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