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Life, Death and the Dream State

Life, Death & the Dream State                          June 2012
© By John W. Robinson
The more I study and continue to be experientially involved in the meaning of dreams, the more I understand that the dream states of consciousness are an integral part of a larger gestalt of consciousness that also contains our focus of consciousness during physical life and the state of consciousness we refer to as death.

Symbols in Dreams

Symbols in Dream Work & Daily Life  

 When you engage in dream work and desire to benefit from the experience, you must acquire an understanding of the symbols that your subconscious uses to communicate the dream meaning to you. A lot of the time in dreams, the symbol that your psyche uses will be representative of feelings that you experienced consciously or unconsciously. The symbol may be a person, animal, inanimate object, a house or any number of things that have a symbolic meaning to you.
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