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The Power of Suggestion ; An Aspect of Natural Hypnosis

The Power of Suggestion:  An Aspect of Natural Hypnosis 

Repeated suggestion, whether from outside sources or from your own conscious mind asself suggestionwill have a hypnotic effect on your subconscious mind and will establish neurological patterns within the body itself. 

These conditions once created can be either impeding or empowering depending upon the nature of the suggestion. We must realize that even repeated subtle suggestions can play a powerful role in our lives. Only through increased awareness and monitoring our thoughts and verbal expressions can we begin to understand this phenomenon.

What Is Consciousness?

What is it?  How does it work? Where does it come from?

It may help to think of how mathematics is organized and develops, as an analogy to understanding the concepts discussed here.  It is not probable that you could understand higher math concepts without first acquiring an understanding of the lower level math processes.

If you have ever studied math to the level of differential equations, you know that before you can understand the subject, you must have a good grasp of the many theorems and laws developed in studying calculus.

Conversations With A Tree

Reflections on My Conversation with a Tree
I had completed the tale of my conversation with a tree which is told below, and it had been edited, but I hesitated to post it, feeling like a key element was missing. It was this morning that new intuitions surfaced. I think what was missing was my realization of the connections between my past and my present awareness, and a deeper understanding of those connections. This story shows how all of our experiences in life are linked together, moving us in a general direction according to some as yet undiscovered blueprint for our life,  that is always a part of our psyche.

Inner Consciousness – The Road Less Traveled

Inner Consciousness– 
The Road Less Traveled  

 Some people don’t associate consciousness with dreams, since many scientists and biologists just view dreams as random firings of synapses in our brains. But, if you have ever undertaken a serious study of your own dreams for a long period of time, you probably are aware of the experience of becoming lucid in a dream. Lucidity in a dream means you are mentally conscious of the fact that you are dreaming while you are experiencing the dream events.
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