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The Power of Suggestion ; An Aspect of Natural Hypnosis

The Power of Suggestion:  An Aspect of Natural Hypnosis 

Repeated suggestion, whether from outside sources or from your own conscious mind as self suggestion will have a hypnotic effect on your subconscious mind and will establish neurological patterns within the body itself. 

These conditions once created can be either impeding or empowering depending upon the nature of the suggestion. We must realize that even repeated subtle suggestions can play a powerful role in our lives. Only through increased awareness and monitoring our thoughts and verbal expressions can we begin to understand this phenomenon.

  The real understanding comes when we can identify and change limiting core beliefs and all impeding beliefs attached to the core beliefs. Suggestion can then be used in an empowering way.  We are continuously employing Natural Hypnosis to help create the life we think we want for ourselves and all humanity. This is done naturally through the power of suggestion.

This discussion on suggestion is a preliminary discussion that goes with 3 other posts and associated exercises dealing with Natural Hypnosis. The other posts are:

1.       You are Your Own Hypnotist
2.        Accepting Desired New Beliefs
3.       Which You, Which World

For each of these summaries, there is an exercise that if done as outlined, can be a tool to help you achieve any New Year Resolution that you are serious about. Any goal you select, that is in harmony with your life purpose and personal blueprint for life, can be achieved if the proper tools are applied.

I could spend time filling a lot of space with words, sharing my personal experiences with suggestion over the past 50 or so years that enhanced my understanding of me, and my world, but this paper is not for that purpose. Instead, I will share the wisdom from a couple of my “teachers”.

First, a few passages from one of the books that was empowering for me in my past studies regarding the understanding of the “mind”, and my mind in particular regarding suggestion. I will then share several passages from various sessions of the Seth material that was received and written by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts during the period 1964-1984, as Jane received the material from an “Educator” known as Seth.  

 I can’t stress enough the importance of understanding the role of suggestive self- talk that we all engage in, that sooner or later; helps mold our bodies, health, relationships, and all other aspects of our existence. So, to begin:

“You must realize by now that your conscious mind is the “watchman at the gate,” and its chief function is to protect your subconscious mind from false impressions. You are now aware of one of the basic laws of mind: Your subconscious mind is amenable to suggestion. As you know, your subconscious mind does not make comparisons, or contrast, neither does it reason or think things out for itself. This latter function belongs to your conscious mind. It does not show a preference for one course of action over another.

It is true that different people will react in different ways to the same suggestion because of their subconscious conditioning or belief. The dictionary says that a suggestion is the act or instance of putting something into one’s mind, the mental process by which the thought or idea suggested is entertained, accepted, or put into effect.

You must remember that a suggestion cannot impose something on the subconscious mind against the will of the conscious mind. In other words, your conscious mind has the power to reject the suggestion given.

Each of us has their own inner fears, beliefs, opinions, and these inner assumptions rule and governs our lives. A suggestion has no power in and of itself except it is accepted mentally by you. This causes your subconscious powers to flow in a limited and restricted way according to the nature of the suggestion.”

The above passage in quotes is from the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy (1963).

Next, I will share several passages from the Seth material. This will provide a frame of reference to understand the impact of the other posts dealing with Natural Hypnosis and  how to use it to make dramatic and positive changes in your life.

  The source books and sessions from the Seth material will be listed at the end.

“Now, we will discuss what you call suggestion in more practical terms, for your particular uses, It is necessary that its basic nature be understood. The ego simply cannot judge, as a rule, whether an action is a constructive or an impeding one, for the personality as a whole.  It can judge however, for itself whether an action is a constructive one, or one that impedes.”

“First of all, the unconscious is not a sponge, indiscriminately accepting material regardless of the considerations of your conscious self. All beliefs or suggestions are first sifted through your conscious mind, and only those you accept are then permitted their penetration into the other areas of the self.”

“Your beliefs act like a hypnotist. As long as the particular directions are given, your “automatic” experience will conform. One suggestion that can break through this is:I create my reality and the present is my point of power.”

"If you do not like the effects of a belief you must alter it, for no manipulations of exterior conditions themselves will release you. If you truly understand your power of action and decision in the present, then you will not be hypnotized by past events. In a manner of speaking, then, the suggestions you give yourselves constantly operate overall as beliefs that are reflected in your experience. “

“Many, who make a practice of “denying” negative suggestions from others, asserting positive affirmations instead, actually do so because they are so fully convinced that the power of negative beliefs is stronger than that of beneficial ones.”

“Much has been written about the nature and importance of suggestion. One of the current ideas in vogue holds that you are constantly at the mercy of suggestion. Your own beliefs are the most important suggestions that you receive. All other ideas are rejected or accepted according to whether or not you believe they are true, in line with the steady conscious chatter that goes own within your mind most of the day – the suggestions given to you by yourself.” 

“You will accept a suggestion given by another only if it fits in with your own ideas about the nature of reality in general, and your concepts about yourself in particular. If you use your conscious mind properly, then, you examine those beliefs that come to you. You do not accept them willy-nilly. If you use your conscious mind properly, you are also aware of intuitive ideas that come to you from within.”

“Your beliefs automatically attract the appropriate emotions. They reinforce themselves through imagination; imagination and feeling follow your beliefs. It is not the other way around.  A brief innocuous enough example – If you meet an individual often enough and think, “They give me a pain in the neck,” it is surely no coincidence that you find yourself with a painful neck in future encounters with this person. The suggestion is quite a conscious one, however, given by you and carried out not symbolically but most practically, most literally. In other words, the conscious mind gives its orders and the inner self carries them out. The inner self brings about whatever results the conscious mind desires.”

“You constantly give yourself suggestions about your body, your health or ill health. You think about your body often, then. You send a barrage of beliefs and instructions to the inner self that affect your physical image. Your thoughts have a very definite vital reality. Beliefs are thoughts reinforced by imagination and emotion concerning the nature of your reality.” Repeated thoughts then, are repeated suggestions.

For example, “When you say, “I am tired,” mentally you are not only giving silent messages to yourself – I say messages rather than message because the general statement is broken down; many portions of the body must be affected before you feel tired – but inside this the inner sound value of the messages automatically affects the body in just that way.”

“What should you do, then, if you find yourself feeling tired? This is your conscious assessment of your body’s reality at a given time. You want to change it so you do not reinforce it. Instead you say mentally that "the body can now begin to rest and refresh itself". You take your initial judgment for granted without restating it, and instead, suggest the remedy to be carried out (positively).” 

“You can if the conditions warrant, physically rest by lying down or making whatever adjustments seem appropriate. If none are possible then several such suggestions – that the body can refresh itself – will give you benefit. To tell yourself over and over that you are tired, however, reinforces the condition. The inner sound value of the countering suggestion automatically begins to refresh the body. “

The Seth material contends that every thought, or suggestion, that we entertain, has an impact on our body and affects our health. Happy, empowering, or peaceful thoughts can help keep us healthy, while fearful, limiting, or negative thoughts can help bring on disease. The material also says that we all send and receive suggestions telepathically that affect us unconsciously.

“You must understand that telepathy operates constantly.  If you continually expect an individual to behave in a particular manner, you are constantly sending them telepathic suggestions that they will do so.   Each individual reacts to suggestion according to the specific conditions existing at the time.”  

“An individual will to some extent or another act according to mass suggestions they receive.  These mass suggestions include not only those given to them by others, both verbally and telepathically, but also those given to themselves both in the waking and dream states. If an individual is in a state of despondency, this is because they have already become prey to negative suggestions of their own and from others.” 

“If you see someone and think that they look miserable – or that they are an incurable drunk, then these suggestions are picked up by them subconsciously, though you have not spoken a word, and in their already weakened condition the suggestions will be accepted and acted upon.”     

“If on the other hand, under the same circumstances, you stop yourself and say gently to yourself, “They will begin to feel better now”, or,” their drinking is temporary and there is indeed hope here”, then you have given them aid, for the suggestions will at least represent some small telepathic ammunition to help them fight off the war of despondency.”  

“There are obviously ways in which you mold your own conditions, protect yourself from your own negative suggestions and those of others. You must learn to erase a negative thought or picture by replacing it with its opposite. “  

A phrase which can help here is one I learned several decades ago (can’t remember now just where I picked it up). Whenever you catch yourself making a negative comment about yourself or another, just say to yourself, “Stop, Erase, Rewind, Rephrase”; and turn the suggestion into a positive and helpful one.  

“If you think “I have a headache”, and if you do not replace this suggestion by a positive one, then you are automatically suggesting that the body set up those conditions that will result in the continuation of the malady. “You should tell yourself frequently, “I will only react to constructive suggestions”, for this gives you some protection against your own negative thoughts and those of others.  A negative thought, if not erased, will almost certainly result in a negative condition; a momentary despondency, or a headache, according to the intensity of the thought.” 

“If you do find yourself with a headache, say immediately “That is the past. Now in this new moment, this new present, I am already beginning to feel better”. Then, immediately turn your attention away from the physical condition. Concentrate upon something pleasant, or begin a new task. In this way you are no longer suggesting that the body reproduce the headache conditions.”  

“It does not do to repress negative thoughts; such as fears, angers, or resentments. These should be recognized, faced, and then replaced.”  Remember, thoughts are suggestions!

To protect us from unwanted effects, a suggestion daily like “I live in a safe world; infinite intelligence guides me and protects in all ways in everything I experience”, will counter the negative suggestions that may be thrown our way.

Even though I could bring into the discussion other areas where suggestions play a big role, like over- all health, dream recall, or even the experience of astral travel, I will close with some thoughts from the Seth material that have far reaching effects on the world.

“There is an enchanting suggestion, solemnly repeated many times, particularly after the turn of the last century” (1900): “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” - The suggestion is from the work of the French psychotherapist, Emile Coue, (1857 – 1926).

“This might sound a bit  overly optimistic, though maybe delightful, nonsense. To a degree, however, that suggestion worked for millions of people. It was not a cure-all. It did not help those who believed in the basic un-trustworthiness of their own natures. The suggestion was far from a bit of fluff, however, for it could serve – and it did – as a framework about which new beliefs could rally. "

“We often have in your society the opposite suggestion, however, given quite regularly: “Every day, in every way, I am growing worse, and so is the world.” "You have meditations for disaster, beliefs that invite private and mass tragedies. They are usually marked by the polite clothing of conventional acceptance.

Many thousands may die in a particular battle of war, for example. The deaths are accepted almost as a matter of course.

These are victims of war, without question. It seldom occurs to anyone that these are victims of beliefs – since the guns are quite real, and the bombs, and the combat. The enemy is obvious. His intentions are evil.

Wars are basically examples of mass suicide – embarked upon, however, with all of the battles paraphernalia, carried out through mass suggestion, and through the nation’s greatest resources, by men who are convinced that the universe is unsafe, that the self cannot be trusted, and that strangers are always hostile. 

You take for granted that the species is aggressively combative. You must out-think the enemy nation before you yourself are destroyed. These paranoiac tendencies are largely hidden beneath man’s nationalistic banners. “The end justifies the means.” This is another belief, most damaging.

Religious wars always have paranoiac tendencies, for the fanatic always fears conflicting beliefs, and systems that embrace them."

The power of suggestion can fruitfully, and practically be employed in your Dream Work also. That is another topic to address in a separate posting soon. Thank you for staying with this one till the end!

The Seth material book references are:

The Nature of Personal Reality:  by Jane Roberts – Sessions 615,623, 658 (1974)

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: by Jane Roberts – Session 835 (1981)

The Seth Material: by Jane Roberts - Chapter 13  (1970)

Don't let the publishing dates mislead you. The material is as current today as it was when it was published. In my opinion, it is the best broad spectrum explanation of Reality I have come across. There have been many teachers through out the centuries. Seth summarizes and expands a view of reality that is dearly needed today as we approach the mid 21st century.

Some current influential teachers feel civilization is at a crisis point, a turning point, a monumental decision point - "Are we going to grow, or die as a civilization"! I believe the Seth material shows us a path that leads to growth and expansion of consciousness. It can lead us to engage in "An Experiment That Has Never Been Tried" since the beginning of our civilization (the topic of another future posting)..

Now, read the other 3 summaries listed above, on this blog page www.DreamAwarenessNetwork.org /blog and experience the respective exercises. You will be on your way to a healthy, happy and prosperous 2015, and life.

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