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What Is Consciousness?

What is it?  How does it work? Where does it come from?

It may help to think of how mathematics is organized and develops, as an analogy to understanding the concepts discussed here.  It is not probable that you could understand higher math concepts without first acquiring an understanding of the lower level math processes.

If you have ever studied math to the level of differential equations, you know that before you can understand the subject, you must have a good grasp of the many theorems and laws developed in studying calculus. And before understanding calculus as a scientific problem solving tool, you must have acquired the knowledge of algebra, geometry and trigonometry. But, you cannot really understand geometry, trig and algebra with having a working knowledge of basic arithmetic and being able to start that understanding through the ability to count using numbers. The better you understand each successive level of math, the better able you are to progress and use it as a problem solving tool. Acquiring the process enables you to count cookies or to begin a journey to mars with the certainty that you will get there. Keeping with the “technical” theme, the same progression is true of the study and application of physics or any of the sciences. With each subject, there are relationships and patterns of organization that you must learn in order to grasp a workable understanding of the body of knowledge.
If math or physics is not your preferred analogy, think of how your body is put together. I presume that most people have a basic understanding of the organization of their body. The physical body as a whole is an organization of major organs and delivery systems such as blood systems, lymph systems and the electrical system.  There are also “less physical” systems such as information storage, thinking, intuition, dreaming, and consciousness. In just considering the physical aspects of the body, we can develop a similar analogy.
The organs and delivery systems are all composed of cells organized in specific arrangements with very specific relationships shared among them. Let something interfere with the relationships and organizations, and you may experience a cut finger, the common cold or even a life threatening disease. All the cells that are the building blocks for the organs and delivery systems of the body are composed of similar relationships and organizations of molecules. It is the working together for the greater good, of all these molecules collectively, that allows the organs and delivery systems to perform their function and do their task of sustaining life.
We can’t stop with the molecules. These structures are built up from very specific arrangements and relationships of atoms that are in a cooperative venture to maintain stability in bonding and the structure of the molecules, the building blocks that compose the cells - that make up the organs and delivery systems of the physical body. We now know that science has verified that within months or just a very few years, every atom in the body is replaced with an atom that was once external to your body. This poses the question: How does the cell retain the memory of what its role is in the life process, when all of its constituent parts are constantly being replaced?

We aren't finished with the body analogy until we travel inside the atom and find that it too consists of other smaller units such as electrons, protons and neutrons that must remain in a specific relational arrangement in order to maintain stability. Let a certain mass event occur with a sufficient collection of specific atoms of an element such as uranium 235 or plutonium and you have an atomic fission bomb. A mass of uranium 235, smaller than a bowling ball, is what destroyed the entire city of Hiroshima in Japan toward the end of WW-2, when the energy was released through such a “mass event”. With this event, as Einstein postulated, the world found out there was indeed a relationship between material mass and energy. This relationship was stated as being proportional to the square of the speed of light (186,000 miles/second squared);  became the most famous equation discussed for many decades and even now.

 But, as physicists discovered, there are even smaller building blocks that make up the protons and neutrons that are in the nucleus of the atom. This peering deeper and deeper into the atomic structure soon reveals that the apparent beginning of these particles is no more than pure energy that is not physical at all, even though the reference at the lowest level is still to “particles”. Not only that, but empty space is theorized to be full of this non physical “dark” energy. It is labeled dark energy because it is unseen. It must be there, scientists say, for the universe to make sense given their level of knowledge and the equations developed.

This finally brings me to the present point, where I wish to start this discussion of what is consciousness? Most of the wording in this discussion will follow closely to the Seth view of reality as expressed in several of the volumes published by Jane Roberts, who was probably the 20 century’s most interesting mystic and psychic. It was Jane Roberts who brought the world the body of wisdom and knowledge known as the Seth material. Specific volumes that were sources for this information will be listed in the end notes. The Seth view of reality differs from the typical religious or scientific worldviews of reality, how it came into existence and how it functions. I will go into the contrast between this discussion and the dominant religious creation story and the scientific “big bang” & random events views of reality in another paper. Most people are aware of the basics of the conventional religious views and the popularly held scientific or evolutionary views. I might add that even today they started out as a theory and the beginnings of each remain as theories that have never been proven. 
It cannot be proven scientifically that our world was created by a god who set it into motion, but remained outside of its dominion. Nor can it be proven scientifically that the creation of the world was the result of a chance occurrence (the big bang) though it is said to be deduced from observation – so, I will not be able to prove what I am going to share with you either. Not in usual terms. The explanations you are about to read will give certain hints and clues, that will show you where to look for subjective evidence as we live our lives through our own subjective knowing. Some say perception is reality.

There are a couple of suggestions I have that will help in understanding this material. The first is to let your mind be “open” for new possibilities and to “suspend disbelief”, if only for a while, in the impossibility of what is shared. Allow for the possibility of these ideas to be valid, even as the other “officially” accepted religious and scientifically based views about reality, which many people have held on to, were assumed valid and not questioned by most people for so long. Indeed, some beliefs currently held may have to be changed or eliminated in order for the deeper implications of this material to sink in. Allow for the importance of not only our intellect, but also the importance of our dreams, impulses and intuitions that speak to us of a greater inner reality that we can indeed experience and practically use in our lives to guide us and to help us solve practical problems.
So, let us begin with an alternate view of reality as explained in much detail in the collected volumes of the Seth material published by Jane Roberts (and her spouse Robert Butts) and New Awareness Networks Inc. that took up the continued publication of previously unpublished material upon Jane’s death in 1984. The original manuscripts of Jane’s are kept alive today through Amber-Allen Publishing Inc. 

Yale University has in its archives, copies of all of the volumes of material that was produced over a 20 year period by Jane Roberts. Jane has been referred to as one of the 20th century’s greatest mystics and psychics, who lived at a time when the material was shunned by most religious, scientific and educational institutions. With my paraphrasing added in many places for clarity, let us contemplate on what Seth shared with the world through Jane and Rob; and Jane’s ESP classes that she taught for about 11 years in Elmira, New York.

Consciousness Is the Vitalizing Force Behind the Physical Universe

“There is a basic unit of consciousness, that expressed, will not be broken down, as once it was thought that an atom was the smallest unit and could not be broken down.

The basic unit of consciousness obviously is not physical. It contains within itself innately infinite prospects of expansion, development and organization; yet within its self always maintains the kernel of its own individuality. Despite whatever organizations it becomes a part of, or how it mixes with other such basic units, its own identity is not annihilated.

The basic unit of consciousness (CU for consciousness unit) is the source of all other kinds of consciousnesses, and the varieties of its activities are infinite. It is aware energy, identified within its self as its self, not “personified”, but “awarized”. The basic unit of consciousness (CU) combines with others of its kind, forming then units of consciousness – as atoms and molecules combined to form various structures. This CU is endowed with unpredictability, which allows for infinite patterns and fulfillments. The organizations of consciousness “grow” even as cells grow into organs of the body and delivery systems within the body.

Each “particle” of consciousness is dependent on every other. The strength of one adds to the strength of all. The weakness of one weakens the whole. The energy of one recreates the whole.  The striving of one increases the potentially of ALL THAT IS, and this places great responsibility upon every other consciousness. As used in the Seth material, All That Is, is the GOD concept, but described in an entirely different way. Consciousness forms its own organizations and psychic interactions, such as precognition, clairvoyance and telepathy at all levels.

Any consciousness automatically tries to express itself in all probable directions, and does so. In so doing it will experience ALL THAT IS through its own being, though interpreted, of course, through that familiar reality of its own. The structure of probabilities deals with parallel experience on all levels. Your consciousness picks and chooses to accept as real, the results of, and ramifications of, only certain overall purposes, desires, or intents. You follow these through a time structure. Your focus allows other just-as-legitimate experience to become invisible or unfelt. Consciousness is able to hold its own sense of identity by accepting one probability, one physical life, for example, and maintaining its identity through a lifetime.

From the seemingly “chaotic” bed of your dreams, springs your ordered daily organized action. In your reality, the behavior of your consciousness and of your molecules is highly connected. Your type of consciousness presupposes a molecular consciousness, and your kind of consciousness is inherent in molecular consciousness – inherent within your system, but not basically predictable.
Now, a quick review of the CU’s, or basic units of consciousness:

·      The CU’s are endowed with unpredictability.
·      The very unpredictability of the CU’s allows for infinite patterns and fulfillments.
·      The very nature of these CU’s is the vitalizing force behind everything in our             physical universe, and all other universes as well.
·       CU’s attempt to expresses themselves in all probable directions.

  Some additional advanced attributes of the CU’s are:

·      CU’s can indeed appear in several places at once, and without going through           space, in your terms.
·      Literally, these CU’s can be in all places at once. 
·      The CU’s will not be recognized. They will always appear as something else.
·      CU’s move faster than the speed of light!
·      There are many millions of CU’s in just one atom.
      ·Each CU is aware of the reality of all others; and influences all others.
·      In our terms, these CU’s can move forward or backward in time!

It seems to me, that these CU’s postulated by Seth In the 1960’s, may be the “God particle” that physicists have been searching for, and theorize they may have discovered through high energy collisions in the CERN particle accelerator, near Geneva, Switzerland, used to do research into the basic structure of matter.

It may not surprise you that Seth’s main formula to rival Einstein’s is that E = M = C; or Consciousness is equal to energy, is equal to matter; consciousness and energy and matter are all one - More on this rule later. Maybe you are beginning to realize the fact that there is more creativity and variety in the unknown reality than you ever physically perceived.

The CU’s do not have human characteristics of course. They do however; possess their own “inclinations”, or leanings or “propensities”. They are not clumps of “idle” energy. They are vitalized, aware and charged with all the qualifications of being. All psychological structures are composed of such organizations, however long or short lived in our terms. They are innately endowed with the desire or propensity for growth and creative organization. They are not found alone in isolation. They grow out of themselves.

Think if you will of the word “soul”. Unfortunately, this word has been so used in regard to our species, that it becomes highly difficult to unravel the conceptual difficulties surrounding the word “soul”. Using usual definitions, we would call a soul the result of a certain organization of these basic units of consciousness (CU’s), which we would recognize as a “soul”.   The conscious mind is a vehicle for the expression of the soul or psyche in corporeal terms. This then leads to the inevitable questions:

·         Do animals have souls?
·         Do trees have souls?
·         Do rocks have souls?
·         Does the earth have a soul?

So, in line with the usual definition of “souls” given above, the smallest CU would be called “soul stuff”. This view point however is highly limited, for “above us”, using the usual scale of things, there are other more developed organizations of these units; and so from that “more exalted viewpoint”, we would seem to be junior souls indeed.

The complex nature of other animal consciousness escapes you completely. And when you compare your technologies, learning, logical thought and cultures and arts; with what you understand of animal experience, there seems no doubt that you are superior and “The Flower of Evolution” – that all other kinds of life are topped by your existence. But, you have been closed to the intricate, voluptuous, sensuous, social experience of the animals, or even the plants – not being able to perceive that different kind of biological emotion and belonging; that rich sensual identification with earth, and you have been cut off from a biologically oriented culture that is everywhere part and parcel of both plant and animal life. You are a part of that also, but the conscious mind, with its own specifications, cannot manipulate with that kind of knowledge.

 There is no such thing as nonliving matter. You interpret animal behavior according to your own beliefs.  Since it is the beliefs of the conscious mind that regulates the involuntary bodily motions and the entire physical system, then contradictory beliefs obviously set up adverse physical reactions and imbalances in the body.”
Now that we have reviewed some of the basic preliminary concepts, in what may seem to be a simplified manner, we can go a little deeper in understanding how consciousness functions.

The Universe is Always Being Created at Every Moment

“All matter is based upon these units of consciousness, with their unpredictability and their propensity for exploring all probabilities. If this is true, then obviously “you” are normally aware of only one small probable portion of your self – and this portion you protect as your identity. If you think of it as simply a focus taken by “your” greater identity, then you will be able to follow as we continue our discussion. The focus that each of us has is valid and indeed inviolate. You are conscious of this portion of your greater self that is your identity in physical reality. What you think of as daily life is then a focus upon certain probable events above others, a choosing of significances, and a selection of pattern.

In each now-moment or the present, you draw from the vast bank of unpredictable actions certain ones that are “significant” to you; and your private idea of significance will result in what seems to be predictable action. (Side note: the NSA is currently collecting meta-data on every individual in hopes of being able to model this selection process that leads to individual actions.)  Propensity then is a selection of significance, an inclination toward the formation of selected experience. This applies on all levels; atomic, psychological, biological stimulus as well as mental intent.

You have a greater reality outside of your context, yet a part of it is inside your context, as “you”.  Your “youness” is your significance, a focus of awareness, conscious of itself, that seeks out and views experience with its own unique propensities. Your greater reality obviously transcends both your births and your deaths. Your soul has eternal validity!  The Greek word psyche can be translated to the word soul.

There are then, probabilities quite present, and for that matter biologically practical, that would allow for a change in individual consciousness so great, as to literally propel the race into another level of experience entirely. But, always remember that in the life you know, your beliefs act to specify the particular probable events that will become “real” for you. 

You cannot separate your beliefs about reality from the reality that you experience. That is, your beliefs about reality form it. Your ideas about what is possible and what is not possible are reflected in all areas of your life. So, the harder you work to maintain a belief in the “officially accepted” ideas of the self and the world, in conventional limiting terms, the more you block out any kind of unpredictability – the more you block out growth, change and expansion of consciousness.

Consciousness Flowers Out In All Directions

Continuing, we have called the basic units of consciousness CU’s. From the CU’s, EE units are formed, and the first roots of physical matter were sent out into the world. EE units or electromagnetic energy units are described by Seth as:

·         Emanations basically arising from consciousness.
·         The invisible breath of consciousness.
·         Emanations that are emotional tones.
·         Units which are just beneath the range of physical matter.
·         Just one form that emotional energy takes.

There are many ranges and great varieties of such EE units, all existing beyond your perceptive reach. To lump them together in such a way, however, is misleading, for within all of this there is great order. These units, though moving faster than the speed of light, slow down, in our terms, as they approach physical structure. Electrons are slow dullards in comparisons with EE units for example.
It goes without saying that these units of consciousness (EE units) are “mental”. But, from their inner organization all physical forms emerge. 

Certain intensities are built up of unit organization even before the smallest physical particle, or even invisible “physical particle exists. These units form what you think of as the mind, around which the structure of the brain is formulated. These units permeate the brain. The great communication system within the body itself is dependent upon the constant inner flux and flow of these units.  On one level the body’s very survival is largely determined by the unit’s propensities for selectivity and significance.  Only because these units (EE) have their source outside of space and time is the present corporal reality a triumph of probabilities.

The mind, which is not physically represented in the material body, does exist electrically. The brain, which does exist physically, is a part of the mind in the electric structure. To study the human body from only the physical standpoint, or to consider it as exclusively a physical phenomenon, is to severely limit your perception of it, and of reality as a whole. To study psychology exclusively in terms of the brain’s effect upon the physical body is likewise hampering and limiting, for the brain is merely that portion of, that very small portion, of the mind which is apparent within matter. Within your physical field the brain is subject to the laws of your field. The mind, having its existence within the scope of the physical field but independentof it, is a much more fruitful subject for study.

These units of consciousness, being independent of space and time, form your cellular structure and that structure deals in a most basic manner with the nature of probabilities.Your cellular structure then has a cellular consciousness. The cells then have the ability to precognate, or to acquire future information that cannot be deduced from presently available and normally acquired sense-based information. Further, this implies that although the body appears permanent and in existence from one moment to the next, basically it constantly rises out of the bed of probabilities, hovering at your now-point of perception and experience. Its apparent stability is dependent upon the knowledge of “future” probabilities as well as past ones. 

Following this line of thought then, you also have a body consciousness. The cellular consciousness experiences itself as eternal, though to you the cells have a brief life. But those cells are aware of the body’s history, in your terms, and in a much more familiar fashion than you are aware of the earth’s history.
Your present then is the result of your own poised consciousness, choosing its perception and the nature of its life from a field that is sometimes predictable, only because of the greater area of organization available to it. Your present is a poised balance affected as much by the probable future as the probable past.”

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, 
than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

“You view the fantastic variety of physical life – its animal, insects, birds, fish, humans, and all the works of humans – with hardly a qualm; yet you must understand that the nature of consciousness itself is far more varied, and you must learn to think of an inner reality that is as infinite as the exterior one. These concepts alone do alter your present consciousness, and change it in some degree.

The present conventional idea of a soul, held by many, is a “primitive idea” that can scarcely begin to explain the creativity or reality from which the “human” being comes. You are multidimensional persons. Yet you exist in many times and places at once. Simultaneously you exist as one person. This does not deny the independence of the other persons, but your inner reality straddles their reality, while it also serves as a psychic world in which they can grow. Reincarnation simply represents probabilities in a time context.  All consciousness, in all its forms, exists at once. 

Your conventional idea of one soul, one self, forms a significance and a selectivity that blinds you to these other realities that are as much “here and now” as your present self.  The units of consciousness that compose your physical being alone are aware of those greater significances, to which your limited ideas and beliefs make you opaque.

The body’s innate knowledge then, will try to translate itself often into psychological activity that may result in hunches, premonitions and so forth. The physical senses may then be used to clarify the message.   According to your beliefs, you may interpret such data in any manner of ways. Because such experiences may not be accepted or recognized as “officially accepted” activity, because of your beliefs, they may appear frightening. You may assign them to “spirits” or disembodied personalities, but in such a way that they are thrown together in a confusing mass of dogma or superstition.  You may be “guilty” of using “prejudiced perception”. 

If you understood to begin with that you are a spirit, and therefore free of space and time yourself, then you could at least consider the possibility that some such messages were coming to you from other portions of your own reality.

 While inhabited by the usual human consciousness, the living body operates as an intense focus point. The conglomeration of consciousnesses within it on all levels focuses its own network of communication. This private network is connected to all others like it.  There are levels of attractions then simply between all bodies, electromagnetically and biologically.  The network is more far reaching than that even. Not only can all cells respond to each other, but their mass activity triggers even higher centers of consciousness to respond to a given set of world conditions, rather than to other quite-as-legitimate world conditions that do not fit the accepted pattern that has been chosen. Probabilities to some extent then are determined along cellular lines. When consciousness is being specified, it always sees itself at the center of its world. All specifications of consciousness and all phenomenal appearances occur when the basic units of consciousness, the CU’s, emerge into EE units (electromagnetic energy), and hence into the dimensions of actuality in your terms.

Your mainly accepted normal consciousness is within the matter of your body. Through your body, you view your world. There is nothing to prevent you from viewing your body from a standpoint outside of it, except that you have been taught to believe that consciousness is imprisoned within the flesh. The body is a sending and receiving organism; your home station, so to speak, and the focus of your activity. You can, however, quite consciously leap from it, step outside of it, or depart from it – and you do often, particularly in the dream state, where you view the world from another perspective. 
Your conscious mind as you normally think of it is the psychological structure that directs your overall actions, and its ideas and beliefs determine the kind of selectivity you use. So, what are the implications of knowing that your body, as your home station, is a sending and receiving organism? What are the various sources of communications that bring information to your conscious mind? The various psychological activities and realities we knowingly or unknowingly engage in, that provide communications to our conscious minds that have been expressed so far are: the physical senses, the dream state, hunches, intuitions, premonitions, cellular consciousness, body consciousness of self & others, the gestalt of other multidimensional selves that you are a part of, your greater identity or soul,  and by logical reasoning, the consciousness of animals plants and maybe even the earth itself.

Consciousness is merely the direction in which the self looks. Consciousness is the focus, the direction of focus. The ordinary state of consciousness is no different from the trance state. You have merely turned the focus of your attention into different realities.  Consciousness is merely a state of focus, and not a self. The conscious mind is a vehicle for the expression of the soul in corporeal terms.”
Now, It’s time to look further into these psychological structures – the mechanism or processes that emerge and are communicated to our conscious minds from an inner reality and results in greater creativity, imagination, inspiration, problem solving and healing abilities. It is time to learn to be a natural person; a person that takes a magical approach to life, blending the powers of the intuitional and emotional self with the powers of the intellect or rational, reasoning mind. 

The natural person is to be found beneath layers and layers of “official” beliefs. We deal with the archeology of beliefs as we dig to find the person who creates beliefs to begin with. Evidence of clairvoyance, telepathy, or whatever, are not eccentric, isolated instances occurring in human experience, but are representative of natural patterns of everyday behavior arising from portions of our subconscious, that become invisible in the world only because of the “official” pictures and world views of behavior and reality that have been rigidly held on to for so long. When we take the natural approach and become that natural person, we discover that we can indeed, Create and Live a Magical Life.


Greater detail about the ideas that have been discussed here can be found in many of the books of the Seth material by Jane Roberts including the ones most of the above was taken from.
The Unknown Reality Volumes One & Two - Sessions 681 – 685
The Nature of the Psyche - Session 796
Seth Speaks – Session 581
The Seth Material Session 504
The Early Sessions, Books 1 - 4

© John W. Robinson, Dream Awareness Network April 24, 2014 your post here.

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These notes were then grouped based on similar ideas and positions to create thematic units.
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