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Oracle At The High Gate

Oracle at the High Gate
Each of us possesses a magical place of imagination.  We can travel to this place using our mind’s eye. Oh, I must tell you, this place is altogether real if you believe it is. 
Imagine if you will, traveling down a path surrounded by scenic vistas that give you a feeling of inner peace as you take in the beauty.  Continue on this path as it leads you up a gentle slope, enjoying the beautiful surroundings. You may even see a relaxing waterfall cascading down the terrain.  Coming up ahead you can begin to see a large interesting building like a castle home at the top of this hill. As you get closer, you see a wall surrounding the house, with a gate that allows you passage beyond the wall.
As you approach the entrance you are greeted by an Oracle that guards the gate to this house on the high plateau. This is the Oracle at the High Gate ¹. All newcomers to this magical place are asked a question by the Oracle: “What is the correct time?”  There is only one correct answer to the Oracle’s question: “The time is now! – The Present is the Point of Power.”  If you answer correctly, the Oracle of the High Gate will allow you to enter the house which is a very magical place indeed and experience all that it has to offer. If the answer escapes you, you will be given other chances to learn.
Once inside the house you see that it is full of objects; some of which are familiar and some you may have only seen in your imagination or your dreams. You have entered the House of Time. The House of Time is a realm of unbelievable time travel. Just by touching any object in the house, you are transported to the past or to the future and you have the experience of being in either place you chose and seeing the connections associated with that particular object. It will be as if you are in a dream you created. You can move to a new experience at anytime you have the thought and touch a different object.
When you tire of all the time travel, if that is possible, you may choose to go through the large wooden doors with the ornate carvings. You notice above these doors, written in gilded letters, the words Library of All That Is.  As you enter this library, the librarian tells you that it contains all the books of knowledge and wisdom that have ever been written or that will ever be written in the future. You may pull any of these books off the shelf and sit in quiet while your mind is absorbed with the wonder of it all. If you prefer to sit at a computer, you will be able to access it all in an electronic format simply by thinking about what it is you want to know; no key strokes necessary. This library is very high touch and high tech! Whatever method you choose, you will quickly be immersed in other worlds.
As you are taking in all this wisdom and knowledge, you hear the librarian announce that meetings with the Master Teachers will begin in 30 minutes; allowing you time to wrap up your time in the library and move to the next great experience. All the great past and future Master Teachers will be holding group and private sessions, so you will not have to worry about reserving a space. It always seems to work out in your favor. Only a limited number of people will be in this magical place at any one time it seems; something to do with knowing the correct answer to the question posed by the Oracle at the High Gate.
These Master Teachers are Oracles in their own right and can assist in providing you with specific information that will allow you to arrive at the best answer to any question concerning your own personal value fulfillment. By the way, the answers you arrive at in this place, by this process will always help others achieve their own personal value fulfillment. This is quite a magical place as I told you! There really is enough of everything for everybody. Your consciousness may seem to be exploding like a “big bang” the scientists talk about as you sense that it is time to move on to your next great adventure in this House of Time.
 You leave the meeting with your Master Teacher and the librarian escorts you to your last adventure for this trip to the magical realm guarded by the Oracle. You find yourself standing at the entrance to another room in the House of Time. The sign above reads: The Hall of Records – The Books of Your Life.  You think, “How could that be, I am still living my life?” You find the book just about your life and sit to read it, or you sit at a computer and use the high tech approach to observe your life being lived by you, past, including past lives, present and future. You are “feeling blown away” and sit in total amazement.
You soon realize that the future you are seeing is the result of the current course you are on, based on the way you are making decisions and the current beliefs you hold dear. You learn that the future is always a probable event based on current beliefs, thoughts, emotions, intents, desires and the actions you take. You learn that the actual event that you might experience in the future can change any time you change any of these mentioned steering currents. You control the set of your sail. And, you have unlimited energy and resources at your command! You learn, maybe for the first time, that you create your future reality.
Finally, at the end of your review of The Book of Your Life, you are told that if you want to return to the earth plane with a different blueprint and try it all again, you will be allowed and encouraged to do that. Of course, the Master Teachers will give you guidance in that pursuit. Maybe you have discovered flaws in the blueprint you have been living by in your current life. But, maybe everything has been a fantastic voyage filled with inner peace and joy, even in the midst of some sorrows and you feel you are ready to be a Teacher yourself. The possibilities are truly endless.
You finish your session in the Hall of Records and the review of your own Book of Life and return to the big room with the passageway back to physical reality. As you are preparing to leave this magical house, you know you can return as many times as you like. There is only one condition to you being allowed to return. As you leave and pass by the Oracle once again, you will be asked the same question as when you entered the House of Time. If you provide the correct answer you will be able to return as many times as you desire. You will just have to close you eyes and start walking down the path that leads to the Oracle at the High Gate that guards the entrance to the magical realm and the House of Time. You may even find yourself making the visit while your body sleeps and your inner self dreams. Be sure to write down your experience if you make the visit from dreamland as you may forget some of the important details.
Now that you have read the tale of the Oracle at the High Gate, you will always know the answer to the Oracle’s question “What is the correct time?”
Either way you travel to the House of Time, remember, when you return to physical reality, to be on the lookout for dreams, impulses, coincidences and synchronicities that will be your sign that you are on the right path or that you need to make corrections in order to fulfill the blueprint for your life that is your current master plan to Magical Living. Think of it as being an actor or actress in an unfolding lifelong play and you are also the one who wrote the script, produced and directed the play, and the one who writes the critical analysis of the adventure. As the one playing all the parts, you can change every act if necessary until the ending is just as you can imagine in your wildest dreams. Enjoy the show! Tickets go on sale every day. I hope you have a Magical Life!
© August 2012 by John W. Robinson
Dream Awareness Network
Note: Part of the story line used here is borrowed from an idea in the book the Three “Only” Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence & Imagination by Robert Moss, my life experience, study of the Seth material and from reading about the legend of the Oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece.
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