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Inner Consciousness – The Road Less Traveled

Inner Consciousness – 
The Road Less Traveled  

 Some people don’t associate consciousness with dreams, since many scientists and biologists just view dreams as random firings of synapses in our brains. But, if you have ever undertaken a serious study of your own dreams for a long period of time, you probably are aware of the experience of becoming lucid in a dream. Lucidity in a dream means you are mentally conscious of the fact that you are dreaming while you are experiencing the dream events. You may have found, as I have, that when you become lucid you can direct some of the events of the dream while it is taking place. It is an experience that will stay with you. It does not mean that you will be able to do it all the time or even most of the time, but the experience does give you a wider understanding of the scope of the attributes of consciousness.   

 A similar experience and revelation is true in a dream experience when you become fully aware that you are moving through your dream landscape in a “dream body” that is quite different from your physical body that remains on the bed. In this case, there is part of your consciousness with the dream body while the cellular consciousness of your physical body maintains normal body functions.   

 As I have experienced during creative visualization exercises, you can transition into a dream state that fits the theme of the visualization while you are awake. In this case, part of your consciousness moves into the creation of a “dream event” that takes over in the visualization that your ego consciousness started. You immediately become aware that a shift has taken place and your subconscious is bringing you information from deep within your psyche that gives you new insights and sometimes answers to questions you had about directions in your life, the same type of insights that night dreams can bring to your awareness. I will share an example from my experience.   

 One day, nearly 3 decades ago, I was sunning by a pool, relaxing my mind and body contemplating some decisions about the direction of my life. I was pondering two options that I could take related to occupation. Let’s say options A and B were the choices. I intentionally started a creative visualization in my mind where I was traveling along a road. It was a typical two lane road with trees and bushes alongside. There was no one else traveling on this road at the time. Ahead of me the road forked into two different paths representing options A and B. I wanted to see which path my mind would choose when I got to the fork in the road. I was consciously creating this visual up to this point.   

 Before I arrived at the point of decision, my intentional visualization suddenly changed into the venue of a dream. Right in front of me, a third road was coming toward me right out of the sky, right out of the clouds! I was astonished; this scenario was not part of my conscious intention when the visualization began. The road came toward my direction and stopped. The beginning of it was about 5 feet above the “real” road I had been traveling on.   

 My intuition “told” me this was the road I was to take. The road was too high off the “real” road to step onto. With full determination I ran toward this road. When I got to it, I jumped as high as I could and grabbed on to it with all my strength. I struggled a bit, to hold on, but finally felt like I could make onto the road. With a lot of effort, I pulled myself onto the road coming from the sky and started walking up it. The road was at a steep angle like going up a mountain drive. Soon I came to where it leveled off and started walking down the path. When I came to what appeared to be a vista, I stopped and looked at the beauty and relaxed, catching my breath. I wondered where this road was taking me.   

 The visualization and “dream” ended. I knew my life would be headed in a new unplanned direction. In the future I would be going down “the road less traveled”, with a higher purpose! 
 The portion of our consciousness that often gets a bad rap is our ego. From a natural perspective, our ego is that attribute of our consciousness that helps us maneuver   through physical reality. It is also our self image; sometimes over-inflated. Our ego is meant to protect us in physical reality. Our goal should not be to eliminate our ego or “kill it”, but to enlist its help in attaining the fullest spiritual development possible. The ego does not want to be shut out of such a fantastic experience. The ego can be a prime partner in consciousness evolution as we move toward our fullest potential for value fulfillment. It’s helpful to view your ego in partnership with your inner self or inner consciousness.   

 As you will see below, I agree with Seth that scientists must look within to fully understand what consciousness is. It will never be found as a “thing” no matter how big the instruments are that they use to search. As Seth says in The Nature of the Psyche, by Jane Roberts,  

“Consciousness is a particular quality of being. Each portion of “it”, contains the whole, so theoretically as far as you are concerned, you can leave your body and be it simultaneously. There is consciousness within each conceivable hypothetical point within the universe. There is therefore “an invisible universe: out of which the visible or objective universe springs”.  

  In 2012, scientists and quantum physicists are now focusing on this idea as they hypothesize about “dark energy”, “dark matter” and the “God partical”.   

 I recently read an article on consciousness via the web site Big Think;   (www.bigthink.com )  – About how science can’t really define it or find the location of consciousness. Below is my reply that I posted to the site.  

 “Yes, I think we are foolish – or at least shortsighted and suffering from a lack of vision when our thinking restricts us to safe, yet incremental refinements of what we’re convinced we already know. How many times in the history of civilization and “Science” has the rigid and convincing belief about “what we already know” been overthrown by new exploration, vision and understanding? Dare we count the number of times science has been wrong? Sometimes the refinements about “what we already know” are just restatements of yet to be proven “false beliefs” about “what we already know”.   

 I will offer just a brief summary of an alternate view of this “thing” called consciousness that science is attempting to define, dissect and ultimately control. First, I ask the question “what is this thing we call a self”? I don’t think I would get disagreement from any Physicist today that we are an apparent physical body/organism that is a field of energy. I think the Biologist would agree that we are a synergistically organized system of other physical systems that are also fields of energy i.e. the organs that comprise our body - An organized gestalt of various energy systems.   

 As a field of energy, the heart can be kept “alive” without being inside the physical body just as the other organs can be kept alive similarly.  And, what about the cellular structures which synergistically combine to make up the organs? Cannot they be kept “living”? Even the molecules that make up the cells can exist by themselves just as the elemental atoms that make up the molecules. So what is it that sustains this marvelous system we call self? It is of course energy systems in various forms combining to support what we perceive as a “physical” being. Einstein’s basic equation states the equivalency of energy and matter (mass). Maybe we are a gestalt of “awareized” energy appearing as matter (as related by Seth when explaining units of consciousness – The Unknown Reality Vol. One by Jane Roberts, Session 682 p.39).   

 Could it be that the scientific community has been looking for consciousness as matter, a “thing”, when they need instead to have vision. Instead of holding onto rigid ideas and assumptions about “what they already know”, what would it mean to look for consciousness as an energy system? Maybe we are a gestalt of awareized energy – consciousness in chemical clothes.

 Some new ideas to ponder might be: 

  • First, your individual consciousness is not a thing, but an attribute or characteristic of your whole self. A highly efficient energy system, with self regulating feedback loops, that know how to “naturally” create and function as a physical body. 
  • Your consciousness is an attribute of another energy system we call the mind, not the same as the physical structure called the brain; our bio computer. 
  • One function of your conscious mind is to align all of your capabilities in accordance with your beliefs about the nature of reality. It is our beliefs that either impede or amplify progress in understanding the complete energy system we call self and the physical reality within which we exist. ·       
  •  Our understandings and our physical circumstances change automatically as our accepted beliefs do. ·        
  • Creativity is one of the most important attributes of consciousness. o        The Seth Material by Jane Roberts, p.328. - Bantam Books Ed. 1970 ·        
  • Using your consciousness creatively expands its capabilities. 
  • All of the above ideas are contained throughout the Seth Material.

Maybe our mental energy and that of the scientists would be better spent using our consciousness to look within this self that is an energy gestalt instead of looking through instruments to find a “thing” that can be dissected. Even some of the quantum physicists today are at the point of wondering if they will ever find the “God Particle” they are spending many billions of dollars looking for.  Maybe the ultimate building block of nature is not a particle at all. Maybe it is an “awareized” electromagnetic consciousness unit that will never be seen or totally understood. Can the scientist accept that “reality”? Can you?”   
By John W. Robinson www.DreamAwarenessNetwork.org

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