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A "New" Creation Story - Dreaming The World Into Being ?

I feel & think there is way too much discord and dogmatic thinking in the world today, especially in the USA, related to who owns the Truth in relation to creation theory and how all of mankind should behave. All the various religions think they hold the "only idea that is true".  Most of the politics in the USA today is embroiled in a power struggle between opposing sides trying to make the country bend to their way of thinking.  Education is becoming more a stage for propagandizing the various views held by different groups than teaching students to engage in critical thinking and creativity.
 Many great current world thinkers and teachers see the probable outcome as "possible doom and gloom" if core systems of thinking, believing and being are not altered to new ways of  thinking , believing and being  - and soon in historic terms. The scene reminds me of a little known book by Harrison Brown who was a scientist that worked on the development of the first atomic bomb. The book is Must Destruction Be Our Destiny, © 1946.  If you can find a copy of this out of print book, I suggest you read it.  I found my copy in an obscure used book store in 1976. 
 The ideologies that are held onto by various groups are every bit as powerful for destruction in our current civilization as the atomic bomb that Harrison Brown wrote about in 1946.  Hearts and minds need to be opened to a new philosophy of being and creating that will lead to a saner world.  I have found all of the Seth Material to be a basis for a new understanding leading to a saner world view. You will find that this body of knowledge serves as the roots for much current thinking that grew and branched out from it. The wisdom it contains has been provided by many teachers through the past millenniums. I ponder at why it is still ignored by so many.
 I know many will not agree with me and will refused to under take a study of themselves and their own psyche  in order to discover where their beliefs originate and why they hold them as a do or die option. It is for the purpose of directing attention to a new way of discovery that I include the following in this post. My awareness and consciousness is now more focused than ever before on the “Dream That Can Be” instead of the unfinished dream that is.
A New Creation “Story”  --  The Sethian Gnosis
The greatest and most articulate challenge to distorted New Age spirituality found expression with the publication in the 1970’s of the SETH books of Jane Roberts – these being transcriptions of communications from a trans-physical entity calling itself SETH. Together they constitute a recognizable re-articulation of ancient Gnostic wisdom, but in new terms entirely freed of archaic mythological language and symbolism.
The Agony of All That Is (aka "God")
Now - and this will seem like a contradiction in terms – there is nonbeing. It is a state, not of nothingness, but a state in which probabilities and possibilities are known and anticipated but blocked from expression.
Dimly, through what you would call history, hardly remembered, there was such a state. It was a state of agony in which the powers of creativity and existence were known, but the ways to produce them were not.
This is the lesson that All That Is had to learn, and that could not be taught. This is the agony from which creativity originally was drawn, and its reflection is still seen.
…Yet the agony itself was used as a means, and the agony itself served as an impetus, strong enough so that All That Is initiated within itself the means to be.
…The first agonized search for expression may have represented the birth throes of All That Is. Pretend then, that you possessed within yourself the knowledge of all the world’s masterpieces in sculpture and art, that they pulsed as realities within you, but that you had no physical apparatus, no knowledge of how to achieve them; that there was neither rock nor pigment nor source of any of these, and you ached with the yearning to produce them. This, on an infinitesimally small scale, will perhaps give you…some idea of the agony and the impulse that was felt.
Desire, wish and expectation rule all actions and are the basis for all realities. Within All That Is therefore, the wish, desire and expectation of creativity existed before all other actuality. The strength and vitality of these desires and expectations then became in your terms so insupportable thatAll That Is was driven to find the means to produce them.
In other words, All That Is existed in a state of being, but without the means to find expression for Its being...The agony and the desire to create represented Itsproof of Its own reality. The feelings, in other words, were adequate proof to All That Is that It was.
At first, in your terms, all of probable reality existed as nebulous dreams within the consciousness of All That Is. Later, the unspecific nature of those ‘dreams’ grew more particular and vivid. The dreams became recognizable, one from the other, until they drew the conscious notice of All That Is. And with curiosity and yearning, All That Is paid more attention to its own dreams.
It then purposely gave them (dreams) more and more detail, and yearned toward this diversity and grew to love that which was not yet separate from itself. It gave consciousness and imagination to personalities while they were still but within Its dreams. They also yearned to be actual.
Potential individuals, in your terms, had consciousness before the beginning or any beginning as you know it, then. They clamored to be released into actuality, and All That Is, in unspeakable sympathy, sought within Itself for the means.
In its massive imagination, It understood the cosmic multiplication of consciousness that could not occur within that framework. Actuality was necessary if these probabilities were to be given birth. All That Is saw then, an infinity of probable, conscious individuals, and foresaw all possible developments, but they were locked within It until It found the means.
This was in your terms a primary cosmic dilemma and one with which It wrestled until All That Is was completely involved and enveloped within that cosmic problem. Had it not solved it, All That Is would have faced insanity, and there would have been, literally, a reality without reason and a world run wild.
The pressure came from two sources: from the conscious but still probable individual selves who found themselves alive in a God’s dream, and from the God who yearned to release them.
On the hand, you could say that the pressure existed simply on the part of God, since the creation existed within Its dream, but such tremendous power resides in such primary pyramid gestalts that even their dreams are endowed with vitality and reality.
This then, is the dilemma of any primary pyramid gestalt: It creates reality. It also recognized within each consciousness the massive potential that existed. The means, then, came to It. It (All That Is) realized It must release the creatures and probabilities from within Its dreams.
To do so would give them actuality. However it also meant ‘losing’ a portion of Its own consciousness, for it was within that portion that they were held in bondage. All That Is had to let go. While it thought of these individuals as Its creations, It held them as a part of Itself and refused them actuality.
To let them go was to ‘lose’ that portion of Itself that had created them. Already It could scarcely keep up with the myriad probabilities that began to emerge from each separate consciousness. With love and longing It let go of that portion of Itself, and they were free.
…All That Is therefore, ‘lost’ a portion of itself in that creative endeavor, All That Is loves all that It has created down to the least, for it realizes the dearness and uniqueness of each consciousness which has been wrest from such a state and at such a price. It is triumphant and joyful at each development taken by each consciousness, for this is an added triumph against that first state, and It revels and takes joy in the slightest creative act of each of Its issues.
All That Is, of Itself, and from that state, has given life to infinities of possibilities. From Its agony, It found the way to burst forth in freedom through expression and in doing so gave existence to individualized consciousness. Therefore It is rightfully jubilant. Yet all individuals remember their source, and now dream of All That Is as All That Is once dreamed of them. And they yearn toward that immense source….and yearn to set It free and give It actuality through their own creations.
The motivating force is still All That Is, but individuality is no illusion. Now in the same way do you give freedom to the personality fragments within your own dreams - and for the same reason. And you create for the same reason, and within you is the memory of that primal agony – that urge to create and free all probable consciousness into actuality.
I have been sent to help you, and others have been sent through the centuries of your time, for as you develop, you also form new dimensions, and you will help others.
These connections between you and All That Is can never be severed, and Its awareness is so delicate and focused that Its attention is indeed directed with a prime creator’s love to each consciousness.
All portions of All That Is are constantly changing, enfolding and unfolding. All That Is, seeking to know itself, constantly creates new versions of Itself. For this seeking Itself, is a creative activity and the core of all action.
Consciousness, seeking to know itself, therefore knows you. You, as a consciousness, seek to know yourself and become aware of yourself as a distinct individual portion of All That Is.
There is no personal God-individual in Christian termsand yet you do have access to a portion of All That Is, a portion highly attuned to you….There is a portion of All That Is directed and focused within each individual, residing within each consciousness. Each consciousness is therefore cherished and individually protected. This portion of overall consciousness is individualized within you.
….This portion is also aware of itself as something more than you. This portion that knows itself as you, and as more than you is the Personal God, you see.
…You are co-creators.What you call God is the sum of all consciousnesses, and yet the whole is more than the sum of its parts. God is more than the sum of all personalities and yet all personalities are what He is.
(note: "He" is used in this context without a reference to man or woman - male or female).
from The Seth Material by Jane Roberts
Also edited somewhat from the The New Gnosis website) .   www.thenewgnosis.org
For a full discussion of this material and these ideas, see chapter 18 of The Seth Material, by Jane Roberts, © 1970 by Jane Roberts, (Prentice-Hall edition 1970).

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