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Inner Consciousness – The Road Less Traveled

Inner Consciousness– 
The Road Less Traveled  

 Some people don’t associate consciousness with dreams, since many scientists and biologists just view dreams as random firings of synapses in our brains. But, if you have ever undertaken a serious study of your own dreams for a long period of time, you probably are aware of the experience of becoming lucid in a dream. Lucidity in a dream means you are mentally conscious of the fact that you are dreaming while you are experiencing the dream events.

Life, Death and the Dream State

Life, Death & the Dream State                          June 2012
© By John W. Robinson
The more I study and continue to be experientially involved in the meaning of dreams, the more I understand that the dream states of consciousness are an integral part of a larger gestalt of consciousness that also contains our focus of consciousness during physical life and the state of consciousness we refer to as death.

Symbols in Dreams

Symbols in Dream Work & Daily Life  

 When you engage in dream work and desire to benefit from the experience, you must acquire an understanding of the symbols that your subconscious uses to communicate the dream meaning to you. A lot of the time in dreams, the symbol that your psyche uses will be representative of feelings that you experienced consciously or unconsciously. The symbol may be a person, animal, inanimate object, a house or any number of things that have a symbolic meaning to you.

A "New" Creation Story - Dreaming The World Into Being ?

I feel & think there is way too much discord and dogmatic thinking in the world today, especially in the USA, related to who owns the Truth in relation to creation theory and how all of mankind should behave. All the various religions think they hold the "only idea that is true".  Most of the politics in the USA today is embroiled in a power struggle between opposing sides trying to make the country bend to their way of thinking.  Education is becoming more a stage for propagandizing the various views held by different groups than teaching students to engage in critical thinking and creativity.

Jane Roberts - A Pioneer in Dream Work

Jane Roberts & Seth - Pioneers in Dream Work
I just re-read one of the first books by Jane Roberts,The Coming of Seththat was originally titledHow to Develop Your ESP Powers.  Published in 1966, the book takes the reader through the personal experiences of Jane Roberts and her husband Robert Butts as they conduct in depth research and experimentation into the dream world, telepathy, automatic writing, trance channeling and reincarnation among other topics related to psychic phenomenon.

Metaphysics the Economy & Politics

Metaphysics the Economy & Politics
By John W. Robinson – Dream Work Facilitator &
Instructor at Enchanted Spirits, in Dunedin FL
It seems that the only thing we can be certain of isCHANGE.How we accept the changes and take action or not, continuously determines our future. We must take responsibility for the conditions and events that follow our decisions. Blaming someone else, some other company or some other country maybe helps us to feel good for a while, but blame doesn’t get the job done; only right action does.

Symbols of Coincidence & A Tiger in the Zoo

A Tiger in the Zoo
By John W. Robinson
Dream Work & Personal Growth Facilitator - Enchanted Spirits, in Dunedin, FL
Recently I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful party. Although a diverse group of people, they all did have a lot in common. Each was exploring their world and their own consciousness in a way that was outside of “the officially accepted dogma”. You might say each had a different world view.
The energy level seemed high as the evening progressed so I decided to ask the host if I could share a game I had learned with the group.

Politics, World Events & Dreams

In light of the Current World events in Politics and the Budget/debt process in the USA, I thought I would offer a view on such happenings as they were covered in a timeless Philosophy. The following in quotes is extracted from the stated sources and is as relevant today as it was nearly 50 years ago.
“It makes little difference whether you watch the news or not – but it makes all the difference in the world what youthinkof world events.
The perspective from which you watch world events is vital, and it is true that communication now brings to the conscious mind a far greater barrage than ever before.
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