Dream Awareness network - Releasing  Positive Energies for Change & Growth
Welcome to Dream Awareness Network
  • To facilitate an understanding of night time Dreams using a group shared experience.
  • To facilitate an understanding of Personal Dream symbols, metaphors and messages.
  • To explore the attributes of  Consciousness and how our Beliefs impact the reality we experience.
  • To help create and sustain an evolution of consciousness and a better world for all of humanity.
Future classes
The Village Mystic in Bradenton, FL
Saturday May, 12 at 1:00 PM
"Understanding The Value of your Dreams & How They Help in Providing Insight Into Your Life Purpose"
Call 941-744-2424 for information and to sign up.
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"The psyche is a gestalt of aware energy in which your own identity resides, inviolate, yet ever-changing as you fulfill your potentials.....Your dreaming experience, however, gives you a guideline that will help you understand the nature of your own psyche."
The Nature of the Psyche -  by Jane Roberts p. 37. A Seth Book.
Painting © by Sharon Robinson
We are all connected through our Hearts & Minds to "All That Is"
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