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  • To introduce others to the work and wisdom of Meta-physical, Spiritual, and Dreamwork teachers that I have found extremely helpful in my understanding and application of the Dream Universe. Among these are Robert Moss, Robert Waggoner, Stephen LaBerge, Gayle Delaney, Patricia Garfield, Jeremy Taylor, Carl Jung, Henry Reed, Tony Crisp, Edgar Cayce, Stanley Krippner, Montague Ullman, J. B. & Louisa Rhine, and others. 

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21st. Century Politics: The Struggle between Fear and Reason

Part One: Exploring the psychology of the “Far Right”.

In one of my previous posts (on the Face Book page, Dream Awareness Network), I brought up the topics of fear, anger, and hatred in politics.  I think the recent Republican Political Party has been a shining example of these detrimental emotions. This is not to say that the Democratic Party is void of them. Only that the Republican leaders have been the shining stars in the politics of fear.

In this post and the next, I will explore the reasons for this in regard to the Republicans leading their charges. I will look for the reasons why they display such fear and paranoia. What are they afraid of?  This post gives you some underpinnings to reflect on. The next post will deal more directly with the fears of the “Far Right” in general and how this influences political ideology.

And then on to the “Far Left”- I will do the same for the far left liberals. Why have they been so reluctant to bring about even greater positive changes in our national climate? What are they afraid of? How do they help foster creating a victim mentality?

Through this ongoing analysis I hope to show why this country needs to support Bernie Sanders at this point in our experiment with Democracy.  Yes, it is still, I believe, in the experimental stage, not yet fully realized. Maybe, it is Bernie Sanders that can take us one step closer. It will not be a “piece of cake”. Hopefully, the outcome will be that after the radical changes, we end with political institutions that are a blend of the rational and intuitive powers of Mind.

  The Nixon Example
I could not paint a better picture of what I am attempting to show than the following excerpts taken from the book – The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events(INME), (1981), by Jane Roberts, Sessions 856 & 870.

The sessions deal with frightened people, idealism, and interpretations of good and evil. It deals with the “Watergate Affair”. This moment in our national history happened in 1972. If you are part of our country’s largest voting bloc, the New Millennials, you may not know the history.  This synopsis will give you an idea of what happened. A thorough understanding can easily be discovered by researching the topic. The Watergate Affair was brought to us by the conservative Republican President Richard M. Nixon. For more details read the article referenced by the link at the end of this post.

From the book INME:

“Let us look briefly at that entire affair, remembering some of our earlier questions: When does an idealist turn into a fanatic, and how? And how can the desire to do good bring about catastrophic results?

The President at the time and through all of his life before was at heart a stern, repressed idealist of a rather conventionally religious kind. He believed in an idealized good, while believing most firmly and simultaneously that “man” was fatally flawed, filled with evil, and more naturally given to bad rather than good intent. He believed in the absolute necessity of power, while convinced at the same time that he did not possess it; and further, he believed that in the most basic terms the individual was powerless to alter the devastating march of  evil and corruption that he saw within the country, and in all other countries in the world. No matter how much power he achieved, it seemed to him that others had more- other people, other groups, other countries – but their power he saw as evil. While he believed in the existence of an idealized good he felt that the wicked were powerful and the good were weak and without vigor. 

He concentrated on the vast gulf that seemed to separate the idealized good and the practical, ever-pervading corruption that in his eyes grew by leaps and bounds. He saw himself as just. Those who did not agree with him, he saw as moral enemies. Eventually it seemed to him that he was surrounded by the corrupt, and that any means at his disposal was justified to bring down those who would threaten the presidency or the state.

  He was as paranoid as any poor deluded man or woman is who feels, without evidence, that he or she is being pursued by creatures from space, earthly or terrestrial enemies, or evil psychic powers. Those poor people will build up for themselves a logical sequence of events, in which the most innocent encounter is turned into a frightening threat. They will project that fear outward until they seem to meet it in each person they encounter.

It is obvious to most others that such paranoid views are not based on mass fact. Your President at the time, had at his command vast information, so that he was aware of many groups and organizations that did not agree with his policies. He used those as in other circumstances a paranoid might use the sight of a police car to convince himself that he was being pursued by the police, or the FBI or whatever. The President felt threatened – and not only personally threatened, for he felt that the good for which he stood in his own mind was in peril. And again, since the idealized good seemed too remote and difficult to achieve, any means was justified. Those who followed him, in the Cabinet and so forth possessed the same kind of characteristics to some degree or another.

  No one is as fanatical, and no one can be more cruel, than the self righteous. It is very easy for such persons “to become religiously converted” after such episodes (as in Watergate) lining themselves up once more on the side of good, searching for “the power of fellowship -  Turning to church rather than government, hearing in one way or another, the voice of God.”

I will interject here the actions of Republican President George W. Bush, 30 years later in 2003, who openly and publicly stated that he heard the “Voice of God” tell him to invade the non-threatening country of Iraq.
The consequences of his actions resulted in the deaths of 6,700 U.S. servicemen, the maiming of approximately 40,000 more that came back from the experience with missing arms, legs, or eye sight, unstable mental conditions, and consequential suicides that continue to this day. There were also hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people who were killed; men, women and children, who continue to suffer today from depleted uranium poisoning spewed out by the weapons used in that war of aggression.

  Is that what  “Christian God” would tell someone to do? Is that any better than those you fear and their actions? Was that really the teachings of the historical Christ? I hardly think so. At least, from my perspective and the experience I gained as a leader in a Christian church for several years in my past. (I served as deacon, elder, Sunday school teacher, prayer group facilitator and personal growth group facilitator).

Research the facts for yourself if you do not believe me. This summary does not even consider the deaths resulting still today from the consequential actions of that decision in 2003 (as in terrorists wanting to “get even” and the development of ISIS).

What karmic entanglement will the U.S. be in store for in the future if it does not change its destructive direction? I have not even brought up the environmental impact that we may experience because of the G. W. Bush’s administrations decisions, or lack of them regarding the environment. He was supported by many Republican congressional persons; since they cannot accept the fact that we humans, as a part of Nature, are having a detrimental impact on all of Nature.

I think many of the supporters and those dedicated to the Bush administration ideals believed they were taking the right actions, according to their deeply held beliefs that were rooted in fear. The power of fear can feed irrationality and destructive behaviors. One must look within themselves to discover a power greater than fear. It is not external.

We have forsaken our roots. The window of opportunity may pass us by if dramatic changes in our political system are not implemented. Some believe we may be at a decisive moment in our history.

Back to the Watergate affair from The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events ...

“So how can the well-meaning idealist know if their good intent will lead to some actualization? How can he or she know, if this good intent might in fact lead to disastrous conditions? When does an idealist turn into a fanatic?

Look at it this way: If someone tells you that pleasure is wrong and tolerance is weakness, and that you must follow this or that dogma blindly in obedience, and if you are told this is the only right road toward the idealized good, then most likely you are dealing with a fanatic. If you are told to kill for the sake of peace, you are dealing with someone who does not understand peace or justice. If you are told to give up your free will, you are dealing with a fanatic!”

I will interject again with my experience of the last Bush administration. Their mantra, which was also used by the Hitler Nazi regime

(See the relevant post on the Blog Page:Language, Words and Thoughts; A Journey From Beliefs To Action: What It Means To Be A Liberal.  It is under the category Politics, World Events and Dreams.)

  “You are either with us or against us,” was the Bush mantra used to intimidate all opposition to the so called - “Bush Doctrine” and their destructive plans. It seems that the Homeland Security Project was also implemented in order to take away many of your freedoms and to create a state of perpetual fear.  Those who spoke out against the administration were treated with suspect. I believe this is why I was put on the “do not fly watch list” during the entire Bush administration after they started to implement their plans. I had been outspoken in various communications to many people as being in opposition to the policies. Air travel was important to my career. I was not removed from that list until Obama was elected President. …Now back to the excerpt from INME.

…”Through your mundane conscious choices, you affect all events of your world, so that the mass world is the result of multitudinous individual choices. You could not make choices at all if you did not feel impulses to do this or that, so the choices usually involve you in making decisions between various impulses. Impulses are urges toward action. Some are conscious and some are not.” …

…”To change the world for the better, you mustbegin by changing your own life. There is no other way. You begin by accepting your own worth as a part of the universe, and by granting every other being that same recognition. You begin by honoring life in all its forms. You begin by changing your thoughts toward your contemporaries, your country, your family, and your working companions. If the ideal of loving your neighbor like yourself seems remote, you will at least absolutely refrain from killing your neighbor – and your neighbor is any other person on the face of the planet! You cannot love your neighbor, in fact, until you love yourself, and if you believe that it is wrong to love yourself, you are indeed unable to love anyone else.”

To reduce the risk of cerebral overload, I will finish this post on the politics of fear with the next post. As a teaser, here is an excerpt to be in the next post. It is from the book WhatHappened to Divine Grace?, 1988, by Ramon Stevens.
“…How then, can you distinguish between a legitimate idea or philosophy and one based on fear? Fear provides two give away clues for the discerning mind to detect.

  First, it will cause its host to latch on to what appear to be contradictory beliefs. A logically considered philosophy is one that can be reasonably applied to every situation and found to be consistent. A philosophy based on fear, however, latches onto a host of different ideas, some of them opposing, in its desperate attempt to camouflage its true reality. When you speak with someone whose beliefs seem to cancel each other out in contradictory shambles, know that you are speaking not to reason but to fear.

The second clue fear provides is that if a philosophy based upon it is allowed full expression and played out, it will invariably bring about precisely the opposite result of that which it claims to support. Why? Because as we have seen, an impulse that is denied out of fear is energized by the denial, the grid of intent behind it empowered to a much greater degree than the superficially desired goal. …Thus, inevitably, a policy based on fear will result in the precise opposite of what it claims to desire.”
You can gain more insight into the above idea by reading the posts on this web site Blog Page that deal with the Power of Suggestion and The Law of Attraction. There are several posts covering the topics.

Think about the presidency of Richard M. Nixon and a few of his followers:
 -- Professed to conduct a “War on crime”, but had to resign his position of President before certain impeachment for criminal activities related to the Watergate Affair.
  And also the presidency of George W. Bush and fellow neocons:
–  Professed a platform of Family values, protector of freedom, converses with “God”, but led to the total disruption or destruction of untold thousands of lives and families,  took away individual freedoms, further enhanced spying on all Americans, took the politics of fear to the extreme for modern times, and whose actions resulted in the turmoil still existing in the middle east today.

We can do better! The politics of fear has to stop. The politics of separation has to stop. We need constructive ideas and problem solving. We need all the people involved who truly support a better future. We need thousands of visionary leaders. We can no longer afford a do nothing congress living fat off of tax payer dollars - Your dollars.

For more information related to this post see:
The below link was not discussed in this post but should be reviewed by all voters before the next election. I will cover some of it in another post. It covers the lies told the American public by the Ronald Regan administration - Another fearful Republican administration. George H. W. Bush was Vice President.
For information related to the lies told concerning the invasion of Iraq see the below link:

Footnote: For The New Millennials.

Being a part of our country’s largest voting bloc, the New Millennials, you may not know the history I refer to in detail, but I do think that you may be better able to discern truth as a group, than some of the generations that preceded you. You have had more access to information through technology than all previous generations.

My hope is that you have also gained a better grasp of the ideas of reality creation, exercised not only through your vote, but also through participation. You influence the creation of a better democracy through your thoughts, intentions, and actions.
You also influence the creation of a more just and fair world through your thoughts, intentions, and actions.

I also hope that you, like me, will obtain a copy of the speech delivered this week by Pope Francis and read it for understanding. How does it resonate with you and your role in creating the future you desire socially, economically, spiritually and politically? Which presidential candidate meets your standards for the future you desire?

   Based on what I have read, observed, and understood so far, for me it is Senator Bernie Sanders. His standards are supported greatly by his voting record in Congress and the Bills he has introduced. It will take a team of hundreds of thousands to support his effort for positive and dramatic change for all.

I may be two generations removed from the New Millennials, but, being a product of the ‘60’s I have an awareness of the ideals that were embraced then, which are similar I think, to your current ideals. You have all the resources for peaceful revolutionary success at your disposal.

Be bold – “Cape Diem”! - It’s your future at stake.
Express your dream for your country through action.

Some Favorite quotes:

"It's not that my mind knows less than it did before, but that its reason finally deduced the magic of its source, and sensed beneath the logic of its ways, the deeper spontaneous order that powers its own thought."
From the poem Reasons Source by Jane Roberts.

"Wise people seek solutions: The ignorant only cast blame." - TAO 79

“If, you haven’t the strength to impose your own terms upon life, you must accept the terms it offers you. (the terms of others)”  -  
T.S. Eliot. -  (with parentheses added).

"Once we have cast another group in the role of the enemy,we know that they are to be distrusted -- that they are evil incarnate. WE then twist all their communications to fit our beliefs." - Jerome D. Frank

"From a modern psycho-spiritual perspective, it seems that dreaming allows us to step into a world of cosmic consciousness that is outside linear time and space - where everything is happening now" - Robert Moss

"The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. What ever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. What ever he does to the web, he does to himself." - Chief Seattle.

"Many intuitions appear when the personality is dissociated or in the dream state.... The effect of any thought is quite precise and definite and set into motion because of its own electromagnetic identity -  and because of the laws of attraction, habitual patterns will operate. A destructive thought, then, is dangerous not only to the present state of the organism but is also dangerous in terms of the future."  - Seth,
(Excerpt from session 164, June 23, 1965) from the book Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness, by Jane Roberts, Chapter 14, Dreams and Health.

"In normal living and in day-by-day experience all the knowledge you need is available. You must however, believe that it is, put your self in a position to receive it by looking inward and remaining open to your intuitions, and most important, by desiring to receive it."
 Seth - From Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts, Session 596.

"But supposing that after this experiment we could attain all the psychic powers promised in Yoga, does this mean that we have advanced a single step on the spiritual path? Of course not. We have learned something of amazing psychological interest; but we have not advanced on the path of love. We may even have gone backwards if the slightest pride or self-satisfaction has infected our mind." 
From the Introduction by Juan Mascaro, to the book THE UPANISHADS, translated from the Sanskrit, published by Penguin Books in 1965.

"When you know Nature as part of yourself, You will act in harmony. When you feel yourself part of Nature, You will live in harmony" - TAO 13

"You make your own reality. What exists physically exists first in thought and feeling. There is no other rule.   Knowing this is the secret to creativity."-
“If we have limited information, we have limiting beliefs about reality.” –  From Parable of the Cave by Plato

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed."
Albert Einstein -  From an essay The World As I See It.
" Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all learners, doers, teachers."
From the Messiah's Handbook, Reminders for the Advanced Soul. - In the book Illusions by Richard Bach

We are all connected through our Hearts & Minds to "All That Is"

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